hey, i’m kate and i have been stamping & card making since i was about 7 yrs old. i have always loved ink, stamps, and photographs so when i began scrapbooking about 8 months ago it was the perfect marriage. i took a long hiatus from crafting during college and law school, but once i became settled on the gulf coast, i found the urge to create again. i find inspiration in travel, local art, amazing food, and most of all from living in such a beautiful place on the gulf of mexico. a day is not complete unless i have created something, whether it is a card, a layout, a new recipe, or a just a mess! i still use the same heat gun i had when I was 7, i definitely don’t get enough sleep, and i can’t imagine an undocumented life!

i am a member of the design team for the creative type blog, 
the resident designer for itsalwaysfabulous and was recently added to the pretty little studio design team