Monday, August 15, 2011

clip it up

hey guys! welcome to my blog (in progress)!!! i am new to blogging so bear with me as i get this up and running. i want to talk about a new storage solution i recently received. i realize i am late to the clip it up party, but boy am i on board. i cannot believe i went so long without one. i have a fairly small craft 'area' in a bedroom so i have to be very clever with storage. i had been storing items in kraft photo boxes which had its advantages (everything was tucked away nicely) but it was difficult to see items. with the clip it up everything is still organized and neat but on display. i rate it a 9/10 only because those little clip buggers get caught up on eachother and i had to spend way too much time messing with them. so if you have not tried the product i say go for it.


  1. Oh yay!!!! I am so happy to see that you now have a blog:) Gonna go add you to my Bloglovin list.

  2. Since I finally figured out how to leave comments on here...I wanted to congratulate you on your new blog. One of these days I'll get around to making one but until then I'll be glued to your site.