Tuesday, October 11, 2011

creative type october challenge

for the october design team challenge we had to create a layout using
typography to represent pop culture. i must have come up with 50
different ideas, from texting to tory burch reva flats ...
but, i kept coming back to the jersey shore!
why? i really dont know. when i was in law school i spent
some time at the jersey shore, and i assure you it is everything like what
is on the mtv reality show. of course, there are some very very nice calm,
beautiful places scattered up and down
the shore, it is largely ful of self-tanned, pumped up, 'juice heads.'
all this being said the show is pop culture with their own language, 'style',
music, dance moves, and even sunday dinners. while, i dont share ideas of
style with the cast of the jersey shore, i felt is was a good
depiction of one idea of pop culture.
so below are the products used and please share your idea of pop culture at

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